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Free/Busy send causes OutlookFbThreadWnd to appear when logging off or shutting down

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I recently set up Outlook 2003 for someone. I copied their .pst and had

everything working fine until I set up and tested Free/Busy. When I went to

the Free/Busy options page I noticed the stuff was still there for

Microsoft's free busy service so I checked it, expecting later to see the

message about it "not being available, would you like to disable it" (don't

remember the exact wording), I also filled in the appropriate "publish at"

and "search" locations that I've used on several other machines

successfully. When I did "send/receive free/busy information I didn't get

the warning about Microsoft's free/busy service no longer available, and I

never saw "free/busy info successfully sent". I looked at the ftp site I was

sending it to and there is a .vfb there with the right time stamp, but the

file size is zero bytes. Then when you try to log off or shutdown windows

the machine hangs and a message pops up about "OutlookFbThreadWnd" still

running or can't be stopped and you have to "end now".

There is no problem seeing others Free/Busy info.



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